January 25, 2016 Kevin Blank

Multiplayer Overview

In this Dev Blog we want to give you and overview over the Multiplayer of Hero Defense

  • When will you get your hands on it?
  • How does it work?
  • Where do we want to get it to?


When can I play Multiplayer?

To answer the most pressing question first: soon!

We plan on having several dedicated Multiplayer tests, where access to this section of the game is enabled and you can try it out.

The first of these will be at the start of February.

We want to iterate the Multiplayer with the community, to make sure that the full launch of the game has the best multiplayer possible!

Upcoming Multiplayer tests will be announced on Steam, Facebook and Twitter!


Core Design

The Core of the PvP Multiplayer is a 1vs1 synchronous multiplayer – that means you fight one opponent at a time (via Matchmaking or by inviting a friend).

Both players control their own teams of heroes.

Maps are designed symmetrically.
You can see your opponent’s actions, as well as steal kills and gold from him.

The key to victory lies in defeating your waves faster than your opponent. This spawns additional waves and increases their difficulty.


Additional Mechanics

To make things more interesting, we are currently adding the Punishing System.

The player defeating his wave first can choose a “Punishment” for the other player.
Examples are: adding Regeneration to the Creeps, changing waves into a different types spawning a Boss Wave or curse the opponent’s heroes.

This will create amazing “Gotcha!” moments, increase the suspense and make the game more interesting by giving you the ability to decide the outcome.



The Metagame is what you do in between matches: progressing through the ranks, getting stronger, getting rewards.

Players will be matched with an ELO Score system. Every match (win or lose) will have a reward that helps you to grow stronger. Rewards consist of Runes Gold Gems, etc. – and things you can ONLY get through multiplayer.


Future Possibilities

One of the things we are most excited about are Multiplayer Runes!

These runes can only be achieved by playing multiplayer and are designed to impede your opponent directly: slow down your enemies heroes, stun them, heal his creeps, etc.


What do you think of the planned Multiplayer approaches? What would you expect from a Hero Defense Multiplayer? Tell us in the in the Steam Community Hub!

Hero Defense will be released on the 26th January 2016 on Steam.


Comments (10)

  1. Jacob

    No plans of implementing co-op mode? 5 players controlling their own hero vs wave after wave of creeps? something along the lines of that?

    • Kevin Blank

      The Main problem with that is that controlling only 1 hero becomes rather boring, as the game is very much built on controlling the whole team.
      However, we are think of introducing a mode like that, if we can get it to work.

      • Nicholas

        Hello Kevin.
        Why don’t you make co-op with 5 player simultaneously? Like Dota (I think). Each player using a different hero at random choice of the computer. This would be both a surprise for the players and fun at the same time.

  2. Lex

    Can i play Whit Same heroes (i mean heroe skill level) from the singleplayer or will the singleplayer heroes Rest for the multiplayer pvp? And what about my collected runs from Single plyer?

    THX for a answer.

    • Kevin Blank

      For ranked Multiplayer, the accounts will be re-set with each season. Unranked will most likely be playable with your Singleplayer account.

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  4. Vlad

    Hey guys. Where do I leave a feedback about the game? A have a few prepositions.

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