Multiplayer Overview

In this Dev Blog we want to give you and overview over the Multiplayer of Hero Defense

  • When will you get your hands on it?
  • How does it work?
  • Where do we want to get it to?


When can I play Multiplayer?

To answer the most pressing question first: soon!

We plan on having several dedicated Multiplayer tests, where access to this section of the game is enabled and you can try it out.

The first of these will be at the start of February.

We want to iterate the Multiplayer with the community, to make sure that the full launch of the game has the best multiplayer possible!

Upcoming Multiplayer tests will be announced on Steam, Facebook and Twitter!


Core Design

The Core of the PvP Multiplayer is a 1vs1 synchronous multiplayer – that means you fight one opponent at a time (via Matchmaking or by inviting a friend).

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